Apricot Bacon Bourbon Jam / Figure 8

I don't know about you, but I was getting kind of tired of all the orange.
So here's a green and bacon colored picture.
There's an orange one too, but you'll have to wait 15 whole seconds for it.
I did it. I put the bacon in the jam. It turned out very tasty, although I think I'll need to get used to the texture juxtaposition between the smooth/smooshy apricots and the chewiness of the bacon. Not a bad thing to get used to. Flavor-wise, instant hit. Since I don't eat bread, I'll need to brainstorm applications for it. I usually have my jam with yogurt, but that's not sounding good to me. I'm thinking with meat as a glaze-y thing, either before cooking or after. I also think it would be killer with goats cheese (or any creamy cheesy spready thing) on top of something. Oh crap, or on pancakes.
For those who can eat bread (or pancakes): no brainer.
Also good news: made a fairly healthy sized batch.

Figure 8 - Elliott Smith