Bacon & Potato Soup / 13 Songs

soup so good it was gone before i snapped a shot.
bacon -> mirepoix -> spuds -> stock -> spice. burrmix. cheese. green garlic chives / bacon crumblings.

willis was (is, for another 4 hours) in town. add Clay n Morter and you've got yourself a ribald gathering. grilled artichokes FROM MY FRONT YARD! and sausages plus balsamic braised kale n red cabbage. it was all wintery even though it's june. but everyone knows it's been brisk here in cali. damn, if that wasn't a tasty meal and killer company. note to self: invite CnM over way way way more frequently.

add one bottle of wine and an 11pm Skype date and you've got yourself a sleepy xtina this morning. O 2:30am bedtime: why don't you communicate with my 6am wake time and give it the morning off?


13 Songs - Fugazi