Bean Beanie

The constant happiness is curiosity. -Alice Munro

Am I the only person whose secret favorite thing is the new products wall at Trader Joes? It's a pretty good lesson on detachment, too, as many of the exciting (!) things that I find there don't last long and/or are seasonal. I think it only took me getting bummed out once (sweetened condensed milk, I'm looking at you) before I just entered the zone of enjoy-it-while-it-lasts .

Enter sandman, I mean black bean pasta. What what what? Ingredients: black beans, no foolin. I don't eat things made with commercial wheat flour, so I don't really eat pasta that much. Yes, from time to time I'll do corn pasta or quinoa pasta, but sometimes I feel like flour is flour and that stuff makes my innards feel gunked up.  So duh super stoked pasta from beans, will it feel different?

I'm one of many who have a mystery weirdness going on in my guts zzzZZzzZzZ, and one of the things that's been resonating with me lately is beans as opposed to beef. My gut issues I should talk about here as I'm sure I'm not alone (!) and would love to hear others' experiences, however not gonna happen today, not in the mood to go down that particular road because I want to talk about this pasta! It sat in my cupboard for a week or two while I mulled ... hmm, is it super black beanie? Like, should I make some kinda southwest style pasta with queso sauce? And while that sounds like a decent idea, it didn't happen (yet). Post Easter bbq I had a lot (lot) of leftover red onions and mushrooms from making kebabs. And I'm leaning away from beef and towards beans so hello stroganoff (of sorts).

oh hello pasta times umami

oh hello pasta times umami

So here's my wonky stroganoff-inspired pasta. Those dried mushrooms in the picture are King Boletes,  Boletus edulis, that Evan's friend foraged in Oregon. Fancy and super delicious.

Dried Mushrooms - fresh mushrooms - red onion - garbanzo bean flour - white wine - paprika - asparagus - black bean pasta - yogurt - garlic - s+p - evoo

Soak your dried mushrooms in 2 cups of hot water (you'll use that soaking water later, too). Saute mushrooms until soft, set aside. Saute red onion until it starts to soften.

Mix about a tablespoon of the garbanzo flour with a teaspoon of paprika (less if you don't like the flavor...I do, this will make it paprika-y). Add that to your onions and cook for about 3-5 minutes or until the flour looks like it's starting to brown and is moistened (sorry) by the onion juices. Strain the dried mushrooms out of their liquid (remember, save that juice!), chop up and add to pan. along with the previously sauteed fresh mushrooms. Sprinkle in some salt and your chopped up asparagus, saute for a few until the asparagus is starting to soften. Pour in about a third of a cup of white wine to deglaze, then add your mushroom soaking liquid. Cook your pasta until just barely done (for me this was eight minutes), drain but save the cooking water, and add to your mushrooms and onions. More salt and some grinds of black pepper. You want your sauce to be thick and saucy, so either cook down or add some of that pasta water. Turn off heat and stir in the yogurt, season to taste omg so good. I think next time I'll add some pancetta and replace the asparagus with peas what? whoa.

Inspired by the kale and mushroom stroganoff over on chowhound.