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Mills Lunch Delivery

  • Mills College - Bell Tower 5000 MacArthur Boulevard Oakland, CA, 94605 United States (map)

This week: a mason jar salad, a soup, and a dessert. 

Bun Bo Xao—Vietnamese vermicelli salad
The classic herbaceous vermicelli salad, adapted for mason jar ease and freshness. Tangy dressing, crunchy vegetables, herbs, protein (lemongrass turkey meatballs or shan tofu*), peanuts, rice vermicelli noodles, romaine. Gluten free & Dairy Free. Please note that there is fish sauce in the dressing. If you are a strict vegetarian/vegan and would like a fish-free dressing, please indicate so in the comments.

Aromatic Burmese Fish Soup
This amazing soup uses the umami of fish in the stock along with heaps and heaps of herbs, many ground in a mortar pestle (lemongrass, garlic, shallot) to release their flavors and then more delicate ones added at the finish. Don't let the name fool you—this is not 'fishy', it's a must-try. Pescatarian. Available in cup (8oz) or bowl (16oz).

Coconut Tapioca Custard
Coconut custard is layered over a bed of tapioca. Luscious, rich, comforting, delicious. Vegan.

All meals are gluten free.

*Shan tofu is made with garbanzo bean flour as opposed to soy beans. It has a smoother texture and a delicate flavor.

I will be delivering to the Mills Campus for your convenience (free of charge!). 
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