One must dare to be happy.
-Gertrude Stein

I have a blended professional practice: by day I’m a marketing manager and SEO expert. Weekends and evenings I help others using my various skills: marketing writer, business consultant, teacher, recipe developer, knitwear designer, meditation guide, cooking instructor, hypnotherapist, aromatherapist.

As a business owner, having built a brick & morter from the ground up, I know the realities of being a self-starter and am passionate about helping others find their footing. Making things gives me great satisfaction—whether that be a beautiful handknit garment, a delicious healthy meal, or a perfectly crafted business plan—and I love teaching those skills. Staying grounded helps me do that; sharing those tools is an important part of the work I do with my clients.


I'd love to work with you or hear about how the things I've shared here or with you have touched your world. Visit my Contact Me page to get in touch, to make an appointment, and to sign up for my newsletter for the latest and greatest. xo-x